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‘Okay, Sheldon is right. But that doesn’t mean that I should stop where he limits my physique.’

Sheldon was right—that I am restraint, affective, and easily depressed. But I believe, I am like these because I chose it, and not because of my ectomorphic physique. I believe that my body structure is a result of my frame of mind. For example, I had a thin body because I have poor sleeping habits and I am not physically active. I think, the power of temperament comes from the perception and not from the outside appearance. Therefore, I have a power to renew my frame of mind, to freshen up my physique—and it is by choice.

Because I am not happy with my current frame of mind—affective, easily depressed and have poor sleeping habits, I decided to change my perception—and the transformation comes from a decision within.

I will practice my body to exercise every day and to level up my physical activities, so my body will look for movement. When I am prone to physical movement, my circulatory system will flow more gracefully and I will have good sleeping habit. If I would have good sleeps every night, I’ll have productive days—and productive days are the main goal of life. In line with physical movement, I will also try to start a social movement. As of now, I am beginning to make new friends, to have an active social life so it will help my emotional maturity.

I don’t want to stop my life from being a prisoner of an ectomorphic frame of mind. I want to be a better individual now, and I also want to have a good body structure.

According to Ezra Taft Benson, “The world works from the outside in, but the Lord works from the inside out. The world would mold men by changing their environment, but Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Jesus can change human nature.” So if Sheldon limits me according to his theory, then my God says, His grace is limitless, so I am limitless.Image


Author: froeroguis

Pretty Teacher, All-around Writer, Freelance Photographer :D

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